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Happy Clients Who Recommend In Financial Services

“Taking The Stress Out Of Borrowing”

“My first appointment and introduction to Janine was in 2006 when I was purchasing an investment property. Since then, my wife and I have bought and sold several properties including our residence and used the expertise of the girls along the way. They have structured our loans correctly so we haven’t had any issues with our accountant come tax time. When I required help obtaining property information they have helped us outside the realm of finance by getting us comparable sales when we were ready to bargain for a property, and they have used this expertise to dispute valuations at different times. We have always had good interest rates, as the team negotiates on our behalf at every opportunity. This takes the stress out of the procedure for my wife and I and we know that everything is structured and set up to be as cost effective and simple as possible.

Over the years the girls have liaised with solicitors, accountants and real estates on our behalf, always with positive outcomes. They are easy to talk to and are happy for me to run a scenario past them and discuss possible pros and cons of different loan structures and if accepted implementation is seamless. I feel they have been an asset to us during our financial journey and am happy to recommend their services to anyone who needs to take the stress out of borrowing and investing.”

Dennis B

“They Go The Extra Mile That I Don’t Have The Time For”

“Being an experienced investor, I know what I need to do, but I have limited time available to me during business hours due to work commitments. I believe in using people who are trained/skilled in their areas of expertise. I was building another investment property and wanted it done with a minimum of fuss. The girls have competitively refinanced some of my other properties as well.  I like using the team because they do all the leg work for me as much as possible. They keep it all as simple as possible and are all very nice to talk to. They explain everything and answer any questions which I may have. We have financed the property to the point where tenants are now in the property, and it is now set up correctly in order to achieve the best outcome for me in the properties location at a very competitive interest rate. I have and will continue to recommend them to work colleagues and people whom I speak to, as I often get into discussions with people about property investing and getting things set up correctly. They keep it simple and have the ability to answer all the questions and make people feel comfortable with the whole process.

Thank you girls, you all do a great job.”

Dave B

“I’ve Used Them Before”

“I didn’t feel comfortable with the banks financial advice as they didn’t consider options my broker had considered. As I had already dealt with In Financial Services  previously, & was happy with the services, I chose to continue with them. By using a broker, I have achieved a more practical solution as to what the bank suggested. After the second successful time round, I know I can rely on them to get me great offers in the future if needed. I would recommend In Financial Services to anyone I know that is in the look out  for a mortgage or home loan.”

Ryan P

“Everything Was Taken Care Of”

“We had been having concerns mainly over the interest rate being charged from our current bank regarding our business.  The high interest rate being charged was sending our business backwards, hence why we looked into a broker.  We decided to proceed with the loan process because you acted in a very timely matter and were extremely professional. We found confidence in the process during every step.  The whole loan process was done very quickly, being that your company sourced out the best offer that would suit our needs. We achieved great advice in the management of our funds, and a much better interest rate. By decreasing the amount of interest we are paying means that we had more funds available in our business for the future.
We were extremely happy with the service provided to us, and more than happy to recommend this service. We felt that from the initial meeting our concerns and needs were addressed, the staff are friendly and very easy to work with, everything was taken care of which gave us great peace of mind.

Thanking you again for all your help.”

Graham & Carolyn L

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